Jonah Goldberg: An ‘Elite’, ‘Intellectual’ Republican

NOTE: This piece is piece focuses on a frequent contributor to, who I strongly disagree with. It may not be your cup of tea, and that’s okay.

I spend a lot of time on, although lately, I do it for entirely different reasons than I used to.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had my favorite authors on there. Kurt Shlichter, Ann Coulter, and Allen West have always been my first reads, but I would always check out the new folk, and if a headline caught my eye, I’d read it. Usually, while I might disagree with the author, they were well researched, and their opinions were well presented.

But since the November elections, I’ve become more and more disenchanted with the site, and lately, I only go on to comment on their writers’ stupidity. But one in particularly has caught my ire, and that would be one Mr. Jonah Goldberg. In fact, I’ve started commenting on all of Mr. Goldberg’s articles lately, refuting his sheer idiocy.

All of his articles since November 9th have been anti-Trump screeds, in the manner of Huffington Post articles. His latest was how Trump was wrong to humiliate Mexico by asking them to pay for a wall, and how we were destroying our honor. How? Well, it was sort of convoluted, and you had to dig through his numerous slams on Trump, but at the core, his argument was that since the wall was only for us, it would be dishonorable to ask Mexicans to pay for it. My comment on that read as follows:

Mr. Goldberg… I get you hate Trump with every fiber of your being. You’ve made that quite clear, seeing as how your last few articles have been either over-the-top dramatic, or filled with subtle jabs at him.

But please, for one minute, stop and think. As a prior resident of Texas, I’ve seen first-hand what illegal immigration is doing to our country. I’ve seen what it’s doing to LEGAL immigration. Americans are being robbed, raped, beaten, and murdered by illegals… And then we pay approximately $18.5K a year to imprison them -and that’s not counting court costs, police officers, victim’s rights groups, medical bills, and so on.

Mexico has no interest in stopping them -in fact, the Mexican president has bashed on Trump, the wall, and America in general about this issue. He’s made it quite clear that he doesn’t care about Americans, or what happens to them, as long as the Mexicans here keep sending their money home, and we keep agreeing to horribly lop-sided trade agreements.

It’s been more than thirty years, Mr. Goldberg. Thirty years of average Americans citizens suffering due to illegal immigration. From physically suffering from crime, to financially suffering from taxes, Americans have paid. We’ve done nothing but pay -and this isn’t counting in the fact that over 80% of illegal immigrant families get on welfare, and never get off, yet another cost Americans are paying.

But you think that would just be too embarrassingĀ for us to ask Mexico to pay for a wall. You think we should just play nice, to ‘keep our honor’. Well, Mexico doesn’t care about our honor; they don’t care that their citizens are here, raping, beating, and murdering our citizens, and sucking up every last possible benefit. They’ve made no attempt to stem the tides.

You can continue to sit in your ivory tower, Mr. Goldberg, and tell yourself how you’re being nice and logical. But with every new article you post, you only show your animosity towards Trump, and your lack of rational ways of dealing with his presidency.

Mr. Goldberg has come up with enchanting titles for his articles, such as:

‘Trump Taking The Bannon Way, and It Will End In Disaster’ -A charming little screed about how Trump -despite Jonah’s earlier pronouncements -is an idiot, being lead around by the nose by one Steve Bannon, and how it’s truly Bannon who is directing White House policy -apparently while Trump sits around with his thumbs up his nose.

My response:

Mr. Goldberg,

Since you insist on writing stupid things, I suppose I’ll have many opportunities over the next four years to write you these comments.

Firstly, as to your ‘why didn’t he give Washington enough time?’ logic. Because Washington has had almost thirty years to deal with the issue. Americans -average Americans, not panty-waisted ones who get all freaked out about Europe not liking us -have been begging for a wall. They’ve been begging for their government to start deporting illegals. We’ve heard why a wall won’t work, we’ve heard that we just have to accept it, we’ve heard that immigration is a strength, and guess what?

We still don’t care. We don’t want it. It’s hard to understand that, I know. I’ll type it again in big letters. WE HATE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

Which is why most Americans are giggling with glee to hear Republicans in Washington bitterly proclaim that Trump didn’t give them enough time. He didn’t discuss options with them. That he just wouldn’t listen. Gee, it sort of sucks, doesn’t it, Mr. Goldberg?

Secondly, as much you’d like to blame Mr. Bannon for every one of Trump’s faults, in case you haven’t noticed… Trump seems fully capable of doing exactly what he wants, and consequences be damned. Matter of fact, you, Ben Shapiro, John Stossel, and the other ‘intellectual’ Republicans written several choice articles about that horrifying trait. How he doesn’t listen to his advisers, or ‘life-long Republicans’. How he doesn’t listen to the intellectual crowd.

But now, you’ve decided that Trump is an idiot, who is being thoroughly manipulated by Mr. Bannon. You’re ramblings have become mostly indistinguishable from the ramblings and ranting of the Huffington Post -perhaps more ‘posh’ sounding, but identical in your ramblings, and almost pathetic in the way you both lash out at others.


‘Trump’s Lust For Respect Makes National Unity Impossible’ -A lovely hatchet piece about how Trump -not the rioters burning things down, and screaming ‘not my f-ing president -is responsible for the chaos and lack of unity over the election. If he would only be nice, and learn to let things go, we’d be all hunkydory, according to Mr. Goldberg.

Honestly, this one made me so angry, I couldn’t even comment on it. The stupidity of his logic defied rational argument.

‘Will Trump’s Twitter Fixation Drive Away His Allies?’ -A beautiful piece about how all of Trump’s D.C. allies don’t know if they can trust him, because he tweets without first consulting with them.

My response:

Six whole people? You’ve talked to six whole people in D.C. who are wondering if Trump will ‘have their back’?

Guess what, Mr. Goldberg? Millions of Americans like Trump’s Twitter habits because it keeps us from having to go through six press releases and secretaries, and six reporters like you who twist everything he says, and makes it look as though he’s an incipient Hitler waiting for just the right moment to kill us all.

You were never an ‘ally’ of Trump’s to begin with. And I’m going to take a wild leap here and say that, if the man’s tweeting habits drive people away from him… They probably weren’t allies either. You want him to start pandering to you, and other ‘elite republicans’ (who actually nothing more than RINOS). I dislike a lot of things about Trump, but I love the fact that he. doesn’t. pander.

A piece of advice, Mr. Goldberg? Let it go. The whole world knows you’re a ‘Never Trump’er. Everyone knows you hate the man’s guts. Every single article you’ve put up lately has been an anti-Trump screed -with next to nothing to back it up, making you sound like a sixth grader desperately writing a paper on why ‘he’s cool’. Just… let it go, move on. Perhaps find a hobby.

If you’re in the mood for a lack of rational argument -usually a Democrat trait -go on over to Mr. Goldberg’s Town Hall page ( and check it out; it’s all the charm of the Huffington Post, but written by a male! If you’re feeling rather jaunty, leave Mr. Goldberg a comment. I hope to see you all there.




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