Mayor De Blasio To Immigrants: You’re Too Dumb To Know How To Act

Unfortunately for me, I live in New York, where there are folks who think NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio is the New Messsiah (and their last hope, since Obama left office).

Why? Well, his latest ‘proclamation’ which has liberals giggling madly with glee, is that when illegal immigrants are pulled over for drunk driving, as long as they didn’t hurt anyone, police officers are to do nothing.

Yup. You read that right. Until they actually hurt someone, NYC police officers aren’t allowed to arrest illegal immigrants caught driving drunk. But hey, folks, it gets better. De Blasio said that it’s only a ‘minor offense’, and it’s ‘OK to shield them as long as no one gets hurt.’ He believes that it’s a relatively minor offense, and we should let it go, because otherwise we might separate families, and nothing is worth that.

But that’s not all folks; this is just De Blasio’s latest liberal grand plan. Last year, we saw him support decriminalizing public urination, public drinking, and and littering. Why? Well, because that’s totally acceptable behavior in their home countries, and a lot of them are getting arrested for it, and that’s just not fair.

Don’t believe me? According to the sponsor of the bill (who also supports terrorists, and refused to stand for the pledge at the 9/11 memorial), “So the question has always been, what can we do in this job to minimize unnecessary interaction with the criminal justice system, so that these young people can really fulfill their potential?”

But then again, this is a man who announced that, no matter what steps were taken, he would never, ever comply with federal immigration laws. That NYC would always be a sanctuary city.

But, then again, we’re talking about a man who believes that urban decay is a beautiful thing, and we shouldn’t try to stop it. It’s a ‘treasure’.

It’s not just immigrants he’s insulting. He’s on it for women too. Including the woman who failed her physical fitness test, and functional skills test to become a fireman, but De Blasio supported her, and pretty much ensured that she became a fireman -oh, I’m sorry fire-womyn! -anyways.

He tried telling New Yorkers not to eat at Chik-Fil-A because of their religious owners.

He’s offered therapy and coping classes for city employees, who need help accepting Trump’s presidential victory.

He’s the guy who -in response to every terrorist attack -jumps immediately into the fray by denouncing… islamophobia, and how it absolutely positively will not be tolerated, and punishable by jail.

He made it illegal for NYC employers to ask potential employees about criminal record.

He required all police officers to go to ‘retraining’ seminars, where they were taught, when confronted by an angry suspect, to take a step back, take a deep breath, and keep calm.

The guy who was nine kinds of happy when two men were arrested for ‘manspreading’ on the NYC subway.

The man who supported public masturbation booths, for those times when you just can’t wait til you get home.

The man who said that the average of TEN stabbings a day in NYC in 2016 was a positive thing (?!) because it meant less people had guns (yes… You read that correctly. The man actually opened his mouth and said that this was a good thing).

A man who refuses to do anything about a homeless population that is assaulting, and mugging innocent folks walking by them.

And, to top it all off, the icing on the cake… When he dropped ‘Chuck’ the Stanton Island ground hog on his head, resulting in the poor bugger’s death a few days later.

De Blasio is everything Liberals love, and everything wrong with America today. He’s that liberal, who comes up with a thousand reasons why doing the stupid thing that ends poorly is better than doing the smart thing. He’s the guy who admits he thinks immigrants are incapable of knowing how to act in public. Who admits that he hates capitalism. The guy who admits he thinks police are racist pigs, and need to be quashed. The guy who responds to terrorists by spending millions of dollars on anti-islamophobia campaigns. The guy who they all want to run for president some day.

God help us all.



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