A Letter To The ‘Never Trump’ Folks (Pt. 2)

Continuing on from last time:

Many of the ‘Never Trump’ Republicans were the ‘intellectual conservatives’. The people who -like liberals -disdain the normal working Joe. These are people who can’t figure out why working class Americans don’t care about their fancy terminology, and in-depth analysis on issues. They view Trump as crass, rude, and -above it all -vulgarly common.

Which is why so many Americans loved him. Instead of going on a rant about inflation, and comparing Keynesian versus aggregate supply economics, Trump said the issue was that we weren’t producing anything; all our jobs were being pushed overseas. Instead of debating the inflation versus economic theorems to minimum wage, he said that we need more Americans working, and more small businesses starting.

And that’s what has the ‘intellectual conservatives’ so bent out of shape: he’s rendered them useless. He’s showed them how out-of-touch they truly are. He’s showed them that all their papers and theses, their propositions and research data is just so much B.S.

Average Americans instinctively know what’s right, what’s good for the economy, and what’s bad. We know that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is dumb -burger flippers aren’t worth that much. We know that if the government took less of our money, we’d have more to spend. We know that if the government got its nose out of regulating how many threads there can be per bed sheet, prices would drop, and more people would start their own companies.

Intellectuals are like college professors insisting that you cite your sources. “You must cite your source for saying the sky is blue!” The average American looks out his window, and just shakes his head. He could go and find some long, in-depth paper on the science behind the blue sky, and why light refraction and atmospheric conditions cause the appearance of a blue sky, and that’s how he knows it’s blue…

Or he could just look out his window. Why the sky is blue means nothing to him -knowing that it is blue is enough.

That’s not to say that average Joe is dumb, or lacks curiosity. He’s got better things to worry about. He simply knows certain things, and doesn’t need to write a three hundred page thesis on what economic plan works better; he just wants more of his own money in his paycheck.

And that’s why -despite being wealthier than God -Trump was able to connect to middle-class America. He plainly stated what the issue was, and how he intended to fix it. And that resonated on a deep level. We know when someone’s trying to bull the wool over our eyes.

As my dad told me in high school, if you need to use big words to explain yourself, you don’t know enough about your topic. A true master of a topic is one who can explain it to everyone, not just another college professor. These ‘intellectual conservatives’ were spitting out tons of data on every issue under the sun, but they over-complicated it, argued among themselves as to who had the better grasp of the issue, and how to fix it. These folks -many of whom I thoroughly enjoyed reading -went absolutely bonkers over Trump.

They hated his middle-class appeal. They hated that, instead of playing by the rules that Republicans have constrained themselves by, Trump threw Miss Manner’s Book of Manners out the window. He called a spade a spade, and if you didn’t like it, to hell with you!

He ignored the rules of PC. And despite complaining about them, many of these ‘intellectual conservatives’ held onto those PC rules like it was a life preserver from the Titanic.

Need an example? Imagine a Republican -even a weak Republican like Christie Todd Whitman, or John McCain -telling President-Elect Obama that they wouldn’t meet with him, that they wouldn’t discuss anything with him. That he had nothing to say that would interest them (Representative Maxine Waters recently said that when asked if she would sit down with President Elect Trump).

Imagine a Republican gleefully recounting how he lied about a Democratic president’s tax returns, as did Harry Reid.

Imagine a Republican candidate calling Democrats ‘a basket of deplorables’ ‘living in their parents’ basements’ as did Hillary Clinton.

Imagine a Republican on the Judicial committee accusing Democrats of wanting to bring back segregated lunch counters, and comparing them to Hitler and the Holocaust, as did the late Ted Kennedy.

In fact, try to imagine any Republican accusing his opponents of being Nazis, of planning a Holocaust, of being a brown-shirt, of loving Hitler, and so on. Go ahead. Take a minute. Try to think of a Republican politician saying anything like that. I’ll wait.

Can’t think of any, hmm? That’s because Republicans keep playing nice. They’re losing elections left and right, alienating their base, and looking like idiots -but hey: at least nobody can fault their manners!

This is class snobbery at its worst. Like rich Manhattanites liberals shuddering at the thought of flying economy, or shopping at Wal-Mart, these ‘intellectual conservatives’ can’t stand those who appeal to the middle class. Who don’t care about their pontifications,┬átheir ‘deep thoughts’, their ‘constitutional researches’ and so on. They react to Middle Americans the same way rich liberals do: like Linda Blair to Holy Water.

They refuse to notice that over 80% of immigrants get on welfare, and never get off. They refuse to notice that Americans are drowning, as illegal immigrants take jobs, commit crimes, and suck off the system. They refuse to talk about Kate Steinle, or the two officers killed┬áby an illegal who’d been deported twice. They refuse to talk about Harry Reid’s pettiness, Robert Byrd’s Kleagle days with the KKK, Maxine Waters celebrating the L.A. Riots, or Chappaquiddick. Because that just wouldn’t be polite.

The article that started all of this was a beautiful mixture of smugness, self-pity, and whining. Didn’t people understand that he was college educated? That he wrote books? That he was an ‘expert’? Why were they questioning him? Why did they want him to apologize for being wrong? Didn’t they understand that he was above them? That they could never hope to top his broad genius?

To that, I respond: Mr. Goldberg… Nobody cares. All your article did was prove how shallow, and out-of-touch you really are. And that’s why people dislike you.


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