Bill Gates And H1-B Visas

Bill Gates talks a big talk.

About wanting to help Americans. About giving to charity. Heck, he’s such a swell guy, he wants higher taxes! Just so he can help Americans. ‘Cause he’s just an awesome guy like that.

Too bad it’s a load of crap.

Bill Gates is one of the largest providers of H1-B visas in America.

For a brief overview for those who don’t know, H1-B visas are the latest and greatest in pulling over immigrants. Essentially, they’re supposed to be for ‘specialty profession’ immigrants, mostly tech. When you call tech support, and get an Indian? Chances are good, he’s here on a H1-B visa.

There’s a few major problems with these though. Firstly, most of these immigrants don’t have ‘specialty professions’. On average, they come here with IQs at least one full standard deviation lower than the average American. They’re simply poor immigrants looking to get to America.

And that’s where the second issue comes in. When these workers arrive, they’re often paid next to nothing, with ridiculous hours. Why do they stay? Because at any time, the employer providing the visa can revoke it, and send them back to their home country. If they try to go to another employer, if they ask for raises, better conditions, or simply if they complain too much, and become to much of an inconvenience… The employer can simply revoke their visas. So this isn’t exactly a great thing for the immigrants.

But back to Bill Gates. Supposedly, Mr. Gates loves helping. He loves donating to charity, he loves paying taxes, and he loves helping Americans.

And yet… His actions speak louder than his words.

Mr. Gates has laid off more than 18,000 workers inĀ 2014, and 5,800 in 2005. I’ll give you three guesses as to who is replacing these workers. He recently applied for an infinite amount of these visas -meaning he can fire as many American workers, and replace them with -essentially -indentured servants.

But remember, folks: Gates just wants to help Americans.


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