Not a Nation of Immigrants

All you’ll hear if you complain about immigration is how ‘America is a nation of immigrants! Diversity is a strength!’

This is inherently false. Firstly, for almost three hundred years, our forefathers came from three predominant areas: the British Isles, Germany, and West Africa. Odds are, if your relatives have been here for more than sixty years -or ‘pre-1964 Immigration bill -you’re from one of those areas.

True, we had some Dutch, some Italians -but the key thing there is that up until Ted Kennedy got his hands on our immigration policy, immigrants to America came from Western Europe: Britain, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Polish, and so on.

So during that time period, the ‘Melting Pot’ theory worked great. We got great pizza, St. Patty’s day, Oktoberfest, and kielbasa, as well as a bunch of hard-working folks just trying to take care of their families. Culturally, we weren’t all that ‘diverse’. Some of them wore bright clothing, some dark, some were Protestant, others Catholic, but they were overwhelmingly hard-working Christians -of one type or another.

But post-1964 immigration bill? We’re bringing in people who believe it’s socially acceptable -perhaps even honorable -to kill your daughter for being raped. People who think that performing genital mutilation on baby girls is totally fine. People who see rape and incest as the fault of the young victims. People who believe that woman are worth less than men. People who believe that living off the system for generations is a great plan.

These people aren’t Americans; they cannot be Americans. It’s against their culture. They can’t assimilate because our way of life is so utterly opposed to what they believe. To them, there is nothing wrong with marrying and sleeping with a ten year old girl -she has no say in the matter; after all, she’s only a girl. To them, there’s nothing wrong with killing a young woman who has been brutally raped; after all, she must have done something to deserve it! To them, kidnapping your bride and raping her is a totally acceptable way of getting a wife; I mean, how else are you supposed to do it?!

Killing your wife because she wants a divorce? Acceptable! Murdering people because you don’t believe in private property laws? Hey, man, that’s just their culture! Ritual animal sacrifice? Hey, who doesn’t want to beat little puppies to death in their front yards?

And women wanting to get an education? What a totally ludicrous idea! Why would we want our women educated? It makes them rebellious, you know. Oh, your wife or daughter insists on going anyways? Pour acid on her face! That’ll teach her!

These people are barbarians. They do things our ancestors wouldn’t have done to other nations five hundred years ago, much less to themselves. We’re taking illiterate, uneducated, third-world-dwelling savages, and dropping them into one of the most liberated countries in the world. We’re taking people who believe that women are property -to be beaten at their husband’s pleasure -and bringing them here: one of the few bastions of safety for women in the world.

And I don’t just mean Muslims, although they’re a big part of our issue (look at how lovely Minnesota has gotten after their influx of Somalis). Latin American immigrants aren’t any better. They’re constantly being arrested for rape, incest, child abuse, child rape, murder, drug possession, and so on. More than half of California’s prison population is made up of illegal Latin American immigrants. Texas arrests roughly 32,000 illegal immigrants a year for criminal offenses. According to a GAO report, there are roughly 350,000 illegal immigrant criminals in America. And again: that’s not counting refugees, asylum seekers, legal immigrants, or naturalized citizens. That’s just the illegals.

All societies are not equal. People insist that all cultures have something to offer; like what? I’m sorry, enchiladas don’t balance out all the beheadings, drug dealing, incest, rape, and murder the Latin Americans are giving us. And I can’t think of a single cultural benefit to bringing thousands of Muslims here -most of whom hate our guts to begin with.

Which brings me to the next part of my rant: if America is just such an awful place -full of bigotry, hatred, violence, and so on -why are they coming here? If it’s so hard to be an immigrant here, there’s a simple solution: go home. Why come here, and insist on having the same laws you had in the third-world hellhole you just came from? If you liked it so much, you should have stayed! If life here is so tough, and so mean, nobody is stopping you from leaving.

But you constantly hear immigrants going on about how terrible Americans are. How rude, and mean, and unaccepting they are (why won’t we just accept child rape, dammit?!). Well, if it’s that bad, go back to where your behavior is acceptable; don’t try to change a whole civilization when you’ve got what you want back home.


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