The Hated ‘Rich’

Here’s an interesting little tidbit… Do you know that ‘rich’ is a subjective term? You might not think so, but it is. There are varying degrees of ‘rich’, but it’s still subjective.

If you make $250K most people would consider that ‘rich’, right? But not to that guy making $500K. And to the guy making $15K a year, my $29K looks real nice; maybe not rich, but well-off.

And that, right there, is the problem with this whole ‘the rich should pay more’ mentality. As of right now, the top 1% are paying 47.5% of our taxes. The top 25% pay almost 87%.

But I bet you’d be surprised at who falls into that top 25 number. Are you ready?

According to the National Taxpayers Union, to be in the top 25%, you need to make more than $77,000. While that’s definitely well off, I think most of us can agree that when we think ‘rich’, we’re not thinking about the guys making less than $80K a year, right?

But that’s the problem. Eventually, everyone becomes ‘the rich’ in a socialist society, especially when you’re giving away other people’s monies. When Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates run out of money from paying for the rest of us, they’ll turn then from the billionaires to the millionaires; the Kardashians, the singers, the actors… And when the money runs out from them?

It’ll be the people making $500,000 who are the rich. After all, why should they have more? See where this is heading? Guess who comes next?

Eventually, we’ll all be flat broke, and have nothing, but at least we’ll all be flat broke together! There will only be the government workers and the poor, but at least everybody will be ‘equal’.

On that same line, Bill Gates earned his money. He went to school, worked hard, and invented a nifty product. He earned his billions a few times over. The thirty year old still working at Burger King because he flunked out of college doesn’t deserve Gates’ money.

Working hard, and becoming rich isn’t bad. In fact, it was once the dream of every immigrant coming to these shores (yeah, imagine that -we’ve come a long way since the immigration bill of ’65, huh). They came here looking to strike it big; to earn enough that their kids, and their kids kids wouldn’t have to work. That was the American Dream. Make it big in America.

But now, there is nothing but animosity for the rich. Like it’s wrong, somehow, to have worked hard for your money. Or for your father or grandfather to work hard for his money. We celebrate the lazy bum who does nothing, and keep giving him food stamps, cash assistance, housing assistance, heating assistance, job seminars, free transportation, and free daycare, but we vilify the successful man. In what world does that make sense?

Would I love to have some of Bill Gates’ wealth? You bet I would. Who doesn’t want a million dollars?

And that’s the point. If you or I or anyone had the opportunity, we’d take the million and run. We wouldn’t turn it down out of some ‘moralistic principle’ against the rich, right? But we expect the ‘rich’ to do so?

Just because Gates has it, doesn’t mean I should begrudge him for it. He earned it, I didn’t, it’s not mine. It’s really that cut, dried, and simple.


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