One need look no further than the latest female conservative to spot the Left’s glaring hypocrisy about women. From Sarah Palin, to Katherine Harris, Carrie Prejean to the female Duke Lacrosse team, Paula Jones to Phyllis Schlafly… Liberals are brutal to women who get in their way.

In the 2006 Duke Lacrosse rape case, any criticism of the alleged ‘victim’ (who turned out to be a congenital liar) was deemed sexist. Women, we were told by Wendy Murphy, do not lie about such things. The men of the lacrosse team were said to have had a ‘complete disrespect and lack of empathy’ towards women, with (unsubstantiated) claims that they were ‘arrogant’ and ‘boorish’ towards females on campus. Anyone who disagreed was quickly shut down by the loud feminists screaming from the rooftops.

But when the female lacrosse team bucked both the media, their liberal professors, and feminists everywhere by wearing ‘Innocent’ arm bands (with one player wearing it in large letters on a headband), with others wearing the jersey numbers of the three accused players, the crackdown was swift, vicious and merciless. In short order, the women were accused of being ‘stupid, spoiled little girls’, accused them of lacking ‘common sense’ and ‘maturity’, and ‘so flagrantly stupid, so selfish, so conspicuously aloof’. At least four major news reporters or writers said the women should have been censored, and unable to express their 1st Amendment rights.

Can you imagine what would happen if, say, Rush Limbaugh accused Chelsea Clinton of lacking common sense, being a spoiled little girl, and calling her stupid? Can you imagine the outcry, and safe spaces needed if Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity called the groups of college students creating safe spaces stupid little girls?

Or take Katherine Harris, who’s only crime was to do her job as Florida’s Secretary of State in the 2000 election. Following Florida state law, Harris’ job was to certify the votes of the contentious election, specifically following a 7 day statute. When it appeared that -to liberals dismay -Harris intended to follow that statute, and shut down the recounts, they viciously attacked her. With no evidence to back up his slander, Alan Dershowitz called her a ‘crook’, while feminists in the media quickly began the insults to her looks, saying ‘it looked like she applied her makeup with a trowel’, saying her mascara looked like ‘a caterpillar was going to start moving’, and that unless she was going to a drag bar, her makeup should be illegal.

More recently, Carrie Prejean was called a ‘dumb bitch’, a ‘silly bitch’ for saying that she personally thought marriage was between a man and a woman. The media released in a major expose that -prepare to be horrified -Miss Prejean had had… breast implants! They ridiculed the fact that she’d appeared in ‘semi-nude’ photo shoots… failing to mention that they were lingerie shoots, which most models do.

For those of you old enough to remember what would come to be called ‘Monica-gate’, the vitriol slung at Paula Jones and Linda Tripp ¬†was unconscionable; called ‘hags’, ‘trailer-trash’, the ‘ugly step-sisters’, ‘Barracuda-ville’, ‘an ugly snitch’, ‘ugly and evil’, and saying that they ‘look like a bloated carcass and whatever’s been pecking at it’. Why? Because Linda Tripp had a tape-recorder, and Paula Jones wanted a Democratic president to apologize for sexually harassing her.

In more recent news, since young, educated white women cost Queen Hillary the election, now we’re a bunch of misogynistic, racist women who can’t think for ourselves.

These weren’t jokes on SNL; they weren’t humor columnists poking fun. All of the above examples (minus Perez Hilton’s comments) were made by serious journalists in the Mainstream Media. Can you imagine if a conservative male attacked a female by calling her stupid? If he said that she shouldn’t be allowed to exercise her 1st Amendment rights because she lacked ‘maturity’ to do so?

What if Sean Hannity had called the women coming forward to denounce Trump in those last few weeks ‘bloated carcasses and whatever’s been pecking at them’? How do you think liberals would have responded?

Remember these examples next time Democrats get started on Republican ‘hypocrisy’.


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