Arguing With Democrats

As I’ve stated before, I have several friends on Facebook who are Democrats, and who are absolutely devastated about the Trump election.

One of them -a girl I knew in high school -posted up how ‘frightened’ she was, how ‘scared’ she was, and how ‘nobody should have to live like that’. According to her, ‘people are literally shaking in fear’.

So, me being me, I had to respond:

“What has Trump done that has made these people so afraid, hmm? He said some naughty words about women? He said that LGBT folks shouldn’t be judged by their sexuality, but their ability to do the job? The fact that he wants to make sure that we’re not bringing in terrorists with refugees? The fact that he wants immigrants to this country to do so legally, paying taxes, and contributing to society? The fact that he believes there is something inherently great about America, that sets it apart from the rest of the world? What, exactly, has got you folks so up in a tizzy that you’re practically peeing yourself in fear?”

She responded by calling me a racist, an ignorant bigot, and self-loathing for good measure, and then blocked me.

And this… This is what it’s like arguing with Democrats. You can’t debate with these folks; every argument ends with them calling you a name, and pouting them in the corner about how mean you are. They can’t give you facts; they can’t point you towards studies proving their points, but they are exceptional at calling names.

All the stories about hate crimes against Muslims? They’ve all been proven false, or police can’t find the origin of the story. Trump has never had a bad word to say about LGBT folks, and proudly held a Gay Pride rainbow flag at one of his rallies. He wants a legit, competent vetting system in place for refugees, to avoid another Boston Marathon Bombing, San Bernardino shooting, and so on. He believes that immigrants should come to this country legally, pay taxes, work hard, and become Americans. He believes that Americans should come first in our business laws, our economic treaties, and foreign policy endeavors.

How exactly is that scary?

I’m still waiting for an answer. If anyone has something other than that I’m mean, and a bigot, I would love to hear it.




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