What To Tell Your Daughters

It seems like literally every liberal parent out there is crying, “What am I supposed to tell my daughters?!” ever since Trump was announced winner of the election. In the spirit of civility, and unity, I have decided to help these folks out. So here it goes.

Dear liberal parent,

I know you’re having a rough time. It’s been tough with the surprising victory that Trump seemingly pulled out of the hat at the last minute, leaving a lot of you stunned beyond words. All you seem to be able to string together is, “How do I explain this to my daughter?”

Have no fear! As a parent of both a boy and a girl, I am here to help you! Because see, I won’t lie… I’d wondered the same thing Tuesday evening, when everyone was still saying how Hillary would win. I wondered, how am I going to explain this to my son?

Because let’s be honest for a moment here, my liberal parents: if Hillary had won, it would have been because she had lady parts. She had no positive experience to speak of, and a lot of negative experience. She had scandal after scandal, mirroring her husband’s two terms -except she managed it all in the space of a year. She clearly had some health issues going on. So, put more succinctly, I’m trying to say that she had everything against her aside from the fact she¬†was a female.

So if Hillary had walked away from the election as the next president, what would I have told my son? That his little sister can skate her way into a position solely because she’s a female, while he actually has to work for it? That even though I’ve raised him to believe that everyone has the same potential for greatness, some people are only willing to see the greatness in his sister, not in him?

Throughout this campaign, all we heard from Hillary and her sheep was, “Herstory!” and “I’m with Her!”. Her campaign slogans told you nothing other than she was a female. She campaigned off the fact that it was time for a female president, and qualifications be damned.

Now, I know this is going to sound odd, liberal parent, but this election is actually a good thing for your daughter. This means that your daughters will be judged on their own merits. Not because of their private parts, or because of their skin color. Your child -regardless of gender -will be based on their abilities, not their genitalia.

This is great! This is true equality. Because at the end of the day, while you might not think about it too often, you have to admit: you don’t want your daughter skating through life because of what she has in her pants, right? You want people to appreciate her for what she can do -be it politics, writing, acting, singing, or carpentry. You don’t want people to look at her and say, “Oh, she has a vagina; we should definitely hire her.” Honestly, that’s no better than, “Oh, she’s pretty; we definitely should hire her.”

No, you want people to look at your child -boy or girl -and say, “Wow. Look at the qualifications on this kid. That’s the type of person we need here.” You want your daughter to be the type of kid who sets her goals high, and keeps getting back up no matter how many times she fails. You want her to be the type to go out there, and pick her own career -whatever she wants -and excel in it. To be the best in it. You want her to rise to the top because, by God, she’s earned it.

You want your child to be viewed on their merits. On what they can do. You want your child to be successful because you have given them the self-confidence, and the skills, to succeed no matter what. You don’t want your daughter to be the one that all the people in the office look at, rolling their eyes, wondering who she slept with to get where she is.

So you tell your daughters: this means that there’s still a spot for the first female president. For one who can do the job. Who will bring pride to the Oval Office.

And you tell her… Maybe, someday, if she works hard… That could be her.


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