Who Truly Elected Trump?

Let me start by saying that I have many friends, on both sides of the political spectrum, and some who simply choose not to get involved. And usually, it works out just fine, and we get along.

But every four years, I inevitably want to smack some of them upside the head. This year, by far, has been the worst yet.

For three days now, my feed on Facebook has been nothing but ‘racists run the country!’, and ‘not my president!’, ‘hatemongers!’ and ‘what am I supposed to tell my daughters?!’.

On the news, it’s all about how ‘uneducated white males’ decided the election, causing Trump to win.

Bloggers are going nuts about how not as many women voted for Hillary this election, and blaming it on ‘self-loathing females’.

But I’m going to do these folks a favor. Instead of responding with name-calling, as they’re doing, I’m going to let them in on a little secret. Are you ready?

They’re the reason Trump was elected.

Middle class America is tired of being called racist every time it questions the elites.

It’s tired of being called sexist because its males still believe in chivalry, things like opening the door, and paying for dates.

It’s tired of being called xenophobic because it believes we should be sure our immigrants aren’t terrorists before they enter the country, or ¬†because we believe immigrants should pay taxes, and get off the government handouts when they get here.

It’s tired of hearing vapid college students crying about how ‘frightened’ they are of Middle Class Americans.

Trump was the beginning of a revolution -regardless of whether or not you voted for him, or you voted for him reluctantly, or if you didn’t vote at all. Trump was the Average American saying they were¬†tired of being blamed for every woe in the world. That they were tired of being called racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, haters, the patriarchy, and so on every time they questioned something.

For years now, every fault in the nation has been laid at the feet of the average American Joe and Susie. Rising taxes? Low standardized testing scores? Crime? Illegitimacy? Problems in the ghetto? Slavery? Starving people in Africa?

You name it, it’s been blamed on ‘uneducated’ or ‘rural’ Americans.

These are Americans -both Republican and Democrat -who simply want to go to work, feed their families, pay their mortgage, put some money in a college fund for the kids, and afford nice Christmas presents. They don’t care about supply side economics, or rewarding illegitimacy. They don’t care about ‘trickle up’ or ‘trickle down’. These are simply words to them.

All they wanted for the past thirty years is someone who doesn’t blame them for every wrong ever committed in the world. They wanted someone to say, “I don’t care about voting blocs, or lobbyists, or special interests… I won’t fight for the little guy, I’ll fight for Joe Six Pack, and Susie Soccer Mom. I won’t fight for this specific group, but all middle class Americans.”

They wanted someone who would say, “I understand you don’t want to kill minorities, rape women, bring back slavery, and put all women out of work. I understand that all you want is to take care of your family.”

And Trump did that. And he was able to do that, because for the past thirty years, the media, the elites, the intellectuals, and the politicians have been casting them as the villain.


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