Illegal Immigrants: Next Generation Americans, or Menace To Society?

We often hear the phrases, ‘Diversity is our strength’, ‘We’re all immigrants’, ‘they’re just looking for better lives’, ‘immigration is good for the economy’ or the most popular, ‘they take the jobs Americans won’t take’,. These phrases are apparently essential staples in any discussion on immigration policies here in the states.

What we hear less frequently however, is the severe and overwhelming amount of crime that is being committed by these same immigrants. Talking about this particular subject makes one inherently ‘racist’ –and conveniently ignores the fact that –at a minimum –America has approximately 350,000 criminal aliens, 55,000 illegal aliens in federal prison, and about 296,000 in state and local prisons (United States General Accounting Office, 2011).

Now these numbers do have to be taken with a grain of salt. For example, when the GAO compiled this information, they only used data that referred to illegal aliens; meaning this tells us nothing about the legal criminal immigrants we have here, such as the Minnesota Somalian gangs (, 2010), Hmong drug dealers and rapists (New York Times, 1988), or Mexican drug dealers, and violent MS-13 gang members (InsightCrime.Org). None of these cases are counted towards the ‘immigrant crime’, making it even harder to get hard numbers about legal and illegal immigrant crime.

But occasionally, a story about immigrant crime will accidently find its way onto the mainstream news, such as the Mexican who’d been deported twice times, before shooting two police officers in Sacramento (New York Daily News, 2014), or the 2009 gang-rape of an English Honors high school student in San Francisco by Mexican illegals (New York Times, 2010), or the Salvadoran illegal who’d raped a thirteen year old, and drowned her newborn baby after getting the girl pregnant in Dallas (Dallas Morning News, 2015).

Now, many people will say that, while yes these crimes are terrible, we have American citizens who commit such atrocities, pointing to our Ted Bundies, our Timothy McVeighs, and the like. And these people are absolutely correct. Immigrants here definitely don’t have the monopoly on violent, brutal, and sick crime.

But these immigrants shouldn’t be here, which is the point that many are trying to make in this ongoing debate. Many of these immigrants are illegal; even those who are here legally often come with arrest records, histories of violent behaviors, and so on. America has enough of its own brutal criminals; importing more from third world countries seems a bit foolish if one spends more than a few minutes thinking about it.

For law enforcement agencies across the country, this is a serious and growing concern. Many officers have spoken publicly against illegal immigration, the need for more thorough background checks for legal immigrants, and stricter border patrolling. Imagine America with three hundred and fifty thousand less criminals (and mind you, those are just the illegals). In places such as Los Angeles, Fresno, and Miami, police officers are being overrun with crimes being committed by illegals. Again, exact numbers are difficult to come by (no one wants to be accused of being called a ‘racist’ or worse –against diversity) but the numbers that are available boggle the mind.

In 2006, the Department of Homeland Security estimated that, by 2007, over six hundred thousand foreign born criminals would be arrested, which would mean that approximately one third of all persons incarcerated in American prisons would be foreigners. Again, take a moment and imagine for a moment a country with a third less crime. In some states, the numbers are even worse. According to one 2009 report, over half (102,795) of California’s two hundred thousand inmates were illegal aliens (GAO, 2011). Texas police officers –who only count illegals who have already been fingerprinted by DHS –arrest thirty-two thousand illegal criminals a year on average.

At that point, with numbers like that, it stops being an argument of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch. It turns into a very real and dangerous statement about our immigration policies.

And all of this isn’t factoring in threats to national security, or skirmishes with Border Patrol in the southern states.

Many of our ‘homegrown’ terrorist we’ve heard about in recent years are immigrants –be they legal or illegal. According to one article by the New York Times (The Jihadist Next Door, 2009), ‘in the last year, over two dozen men in the United States have been charged with terrorism related offenses’. Every man on that list was a Middle Eastern immigrant, with most of them being Pakistani, or Afghani.

As well, in the last few years, Americans have become privy to information that had previously been kept locked up tighter than Fort Knox: namely, that terrorists and drug cartels are working together in a mutually beneficial relationship. Specifically, the terrorists are paying the cartels to sneak them over the border illegally, which funds the cartels drug operations here in the States (, 2013). The most successful of these so far has been Hezbollah, an Islamic terrorist group based out of Lebanon. When one considers that we can’t keep normal illegals out –ones without money, or means to cross the border –it causes a bit of worry to think about how easily a well-funded terrorist group could sneak across.

While on the topic of jumping the border, let’s discuss just a few of the incidents in the last few years of border skirmishes with our Border Patrol agencies. According to the US Customs and Border Protection website, 33 agents have been killed on the border since December of 2003; mind you, this isn’t taking into account agents wounded in the line of duty, damage to national parks, shoot-outs where no one was injured, and so on.

In 2011 alone, over half a million acres of Arizona national parks had literally went up in smoke due to fires caused –for the most part –by illegal aliens (GAO, 2011). To make the situation worse, when fire fighters arrive to put out the fires, they’re frequently attacked, because the illegals assume that the firefighters will call in authorities who will arrest them for starting the fires. So while fires rage on, firefighters sit by helplessly, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for law enforcement officials to show up and protect them from the very people who started the fires in the first place.

There’s also the issue of marijuana being grown in our national parks. According to some sources, in California alone, over 500 different pot farms are being grown and tended on national parks, with over half a million pot plants having been seized (NBC Bay Area News, 2013) Apparently, the Mexican Cartels don’t take too kindly to visitors to the parks stumbling across their pot farms, and have reacted violently, including shoot-outs with border patrol agents, taking hunters and campers hostages, and setting booby traps rigged with bear traps, shotguns, and razor blades (New York Times, 2002).

All of these things and more are the sort of issues park officials are trying to deal with and keep under control. In many cases, it’s simply too overwhelming, and the parks are shut down, or large sections are cordoned off, and left to the cartels (High Country News, 2014).

Given all this information, it might lead one to ask what’s being done to combat this threat. What laws have been enacted to help our law enforcement agencies deal with these issues. What the government is doing to mitigate the circumstances behind these numbers. These are all excellent questions, and they all have the exact same answer. Nothing is being done. American law enforcement agencies are being overrun by foreign criminals, and lawmakers simply enact more and more laws designed to protect the criminals.

On occasion, when a lawmaker dares to speak the truth, and attempts to stem the tide, he or she is quickly ridiculed by the press, and decried a racist, or a xenophobe. A few examples of this include Arizona, which has taken a harsh stance on illegal immigration, and as such, has been taken to court by the federal government numerous times, California’s ‘Prop 187’, which was decried by the ACLU, the Mexican government, and sparked massive protests, or Sen. John McCain openly stating that illegals were destroying Arizona national parks, which lead to him being called a ‘racist’, ‘xenophobe’, and ‘fanning the flames of immigrant hatred’ (Washington Post, 2011).

So trying to speak out openly simply isn’t working. And the federal government is doing little to help, and in many cases, figuratively hamstringing our law enforcement officials. According to an article by the Washington Times earlier this spring, the Obama administration is working furiously to keep local and state law enforcement agencies away from anything to do with immigration, referring the cases instead of the civil rights branch of INS. Federal law currently forbids law enforcement officials from asking one’s immigration status. ICE and INS officials refuse to deport violent illegal criminals; instead we let them roam free, committing an untold number of crimes before finally locking them away –where they then become the burden on the taxpayer.

So in conclusion: our law enforcement officials are being overrun. Innocent civilians are being raped, murdered, or robbed. Once-beautiful national parks are being burnt to the ground, polluted, and park visitors shot at, held hostage, or caught in cruel traps. Border Patrol agents are regularly shot at. Police officers can barely keep up with the uptick in crime in high-population immigrant areas. And what hope does our government offer our besieged citizens? What help do they offer our beleaguered police officers?

‘Diversity is a strength, and immigrants are doing the jobs that Americans won’t. And no, you can’t ask any more questions. What are you, racist?’


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