Adding Rotten Milk To Our Pot

In today’s society, we frequently hear statements such as, ‘it’s just their culture’, ‘our differences make us stronger’, or even, ‘assimilation is racist’. We see immigrants coming to our country, and decrying our laws and values, wanting their own laws and rules instead. To ask immigrants to assimilate, to live by our laws, and our cultural values, is considered to be inherently racist; to be stuck in ‘white privilege’ mode. Defending America’s laws, and cultural values means going against the politically correct, and the socially acceptable.
For a moment, forget about politically correct, social acceptability, and hurt feelings –being offended by something doesn’t negate it’s truthfulness, any more than agreeing negates its dishonesty. So let’s take a look at both sides of the arguments, and hopefully by the end of this paper, we’ll have come to a rational consensus.
First up, we hear from the pro-diversity crowd. A few of the most popular things you’ll hear is: why should our laws hold more value than theirs? Why should our culture mean more, or trump theirs? Or more importantly: if they and theirs want to live by those rules, what’s the harm? Who is it hurting, or even affecting really? After all, aren’t we the land of many nations? How did Thomas Jefferson put it? “If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket?”
A defining feature in these arguments is: what’s so great about America that we should have the final say? After all, in terms of civilization, America is incredibly young. Most immigrants are coming from nations four or five hundred years older; some are a thousand years older. It terms of ‘culture’, most nations have a far longer history than we do. According to this group, there is nothing inherently special or unique about America, certainly not enough to justify forcing our way of life on someone else.
But let us examine this premise for a moment. While America may indeed be flawed –and we can disagree all day over where, and how to fix the flaws –it is still one of the best countries to live in. This is not personal opinion; this is simply fact.
For example: here in America, we have equality. As a woman, I have as much chance to become an engineer or doctor as a male. A Chinese immigrant can become a doctor, just as an American can. There are no rules, or limits here. While there are flaws in the system, it’s still one of the best in the world. While there may be individual cases of racism on a small scale, overall and as a whole, America is one of the most equality driven countries in the world. This becomes especially obvious when compared to other nations.
On the off chance that someone in America hasn’t heard of ISIS, it’s a terrorist offshoot of Al Qaeda; ISIS stands for the Islamic States of Iraq and Syria. While Al Qaeda has been fairly quiet, it often seems that we can’t turn on the news without seeing some new atrocity being committed by ISIS. Taking women as young as ten as sex slaves, executing those who disagree, shoving homosexuals off of buildings, and pouring acid on the face of women who show their face are just a few things on their highlight reel.
But the thing no one wants to mention is this: ISIS is simply taking their playbook from an older playbook: Sharia Law. A set of rules that Muslims here in America want to enact and enforce in their communities.
Sharia Law is more than a religious book. It details every aspect of the Muslim’s life, both public and private, in a court of law, to the mosque. Distilled from both the Quran and the Hadiths, it’s more than a guideline. It details every aspect of day to day life, and how to deal with issues that might arise.
According to this set of rules, as soon as a child hits puberty, they are eligible to be married. Of course, as it details, they can be married earlier, as long as physical intercourse doesn’t happen. Girls as young as nine are being married to men as old as thirty or forty, and being pushed into the marital bed soon after (New York Times, 2008), or in some cases, they are legally sold to their husbands by their fathers to pay off debts (New Republic, 2010). Oh, yes: slavery –including forcing your slaves to marry you –is just another charming custom of nations that follow Sharia Law.
And if the marriage is abusive? If the woman (or child) attempts to flee even an abusive marriage, according to Sharia Law, she is automatically guilty of ‘intention to commit adultery’, unless she returns to her father’s home immediately. If not, she can be punished by seven years in prison, and/or flogging.
Such is the story of Souriya Y, a woman who was married at age twelve to a husband who regularly abused her. When she confided in her father, he simply told her to be patient. The abuse continued for nine more years, until Souriya’s husband accused her of infidelity. She was sentenced to five and a half years in prison on no evidence other than her husband’s word. (The Guardian, 2012).
But Souriya should consider herself lucky. In many cases such as this, the woman or girl is at risk of an ‘honor-killing, a morally permissible murder, carried out by a male family member upon the woman or girl for dishonoring the family –which can result from a multitude of things, including being raped, renouncing their faith, refusing to enter a marriage, or anything else that her family feels may dishonor them. Including running away from an abusive husband.
Like Saba Qaiser. When Saba married a man against her father’s wishes, her father and uncle took her to a nearby river, and –after beating her nearly unconscious –shot her in the face. Luckily, Saba jerked at the last minute, so the bullet only tore through the left side of her face. But her father and uncle thought she was dead, so they threw her into the river. According to Saba, the water revived her enough that she was able to fight her way out of the river, and to a local gas station, where the authorities were called.
When Saba’s father was confronted, he had this to say: “She took away our honor. If you put one drop of piss in a gallon of milk, the whole thing gets destroyed. That’s what she has done. … So I said, ‘No, I will kill you myself.” Then he added that, after the crime was committed, he’d went home and told his wife, saying, “I have gone and killed your daughter. My wife cried. What else could she do? I am her husband. She is just my wife.” After great pressure from her family, Saba withdrew her complaint, and her father and uncle were released from prison. Upon his release, her father boasted, “After this incident, everyone says I am more respected. I can proudly say that for generations to come none of my descendants will ever think of doing what Saba did.” (New York Times, 2016).
Homosexuals fare much worse under Sharia Law. It declares that anyone found engaging in homosexual activity can be killed. Iran –where Sharia Law is the only law –decreed in 1991 that all those found guilty of homosexuality were to be executed in whatever manner the judge finds suitable. According to Sharia, this punishment should be moderated to a form of punishment only if the person in question is a child, or weak of mind (a polite way of saying mentally retarded) (Iranian Constitution, Articles 108-113). And according to Hadith Book 38 (written by Sunan Abu-Dawud), “The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: If you find anyone doing as Lot’s people did, kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done.”
And yes, that does mean if a male rapes a boy, the boy is to be killed as well. Sharia Law makes no distinction between consensual sex and rape, other than as property laws. Such was the fate of a poor, unnamed fifteen year old boy who was taken as a slave, and repeatedly raped by an ISIS commander. He (the boy) was arrested, and sentenced to death, a punishment that was carried out by throwing him off the roof of the highest building in the area –a common method of ‘dealing’ with homosexuals in the Middle East. (UK Express Sunday Paper, 2016).
There are many more aspects of Sharia Law that directly contradict American Law, but these are some of the most severe. There are many countries that have laws similar to Sharia Law –with things such as rape-marriages, slavery, and so on –that immigrants try to bring to America with them.
But Sharia Law is by no means a stand-alone when it comes to horrible practices being committed as a matter of daily life. While Sharia Law might be the most well-known, many other cultures have vile, and reprehensible practices that go against everything we stand for here in America.
Such as ‘Bride-Kidnapping’. This quaint little Asian practice is where a man sees a woman –or child in many nations–that he wants to make his wife. He then arranges with his family to kidnap the woman against her will, and take her to a secret location. If her family can find her, and negotiate her safe return before the man rapes the woman, she may return with her family. Otherwise, she is now the man’s wife –regardless of her feelings on spending the rest of her life with the man who raped and kidnapped her. (Teng Moua, 2003). While this practice is popular in many nations, its most used in Kyrgyzstan (where its estimated that half of all marriages are a result of bridal kidnappings, 2/3 of which are nonconsensual), and Hmong culture, where the practice is seen as an acceptable, and normal way of getting a bride.
In the Hmong version of bridal kidnapping, the man first locates the woman he wants to marry –she may or may not know the man. She could simply be someone he seen on the street, and –as long as she is unmarried –he’s found his ‘bride’. He conspires with his family, and arranges to kidnap the girl when she’s alone, and takes her somewhere hidden. The ‘groom’s’ family then informs the girl’s family that she’s been kidnapped. At this point, physical coercion –a nice way of saying being beaten –is often used by the ‘groom’s’ female family members. If she still doesn’t submit to being married, the ‘groom’ is called in. At that point, he typically rapes the girl, after which she usually submits. Why? Because in the Hmong culture, she will never be able to find a husband, as she’s now ‘unclean’. She will be nothing but a burden to her family, as she will never marry, and Hmong women typically aren’t allowed out of the home, much less to have jobs.
Other lovely Hmong cultural practices include animal sacrifices. In one instance, a Hmong ‘shaman’ as he proclaimed himself, clubbed a German Shepherd puppy to death in his front yard (to ‘cure’ his wife’s diabetes), saying, “We burned the paper money. We did the chicken and the pig. But still my wife gets no better. What was I to do? I am a shaman, and this is what we believe. So I bought the dog for $5 and did the ceremony right here.” (Los Angeles Times, 1995). This is a common practice among the Hmong, although according to most, killing dogs is only reserved for the most difficult to cure illnesses. Otherwise, they just kill chickens, pigs, cows, goats, birds, and so on in their front yards.
Then there’s the fact that the Hmong refuse to acknowledge ‘private property’ laws. In 2004, this refusal lead to the murders of six people. Chai Vang, and two of his friends went hunting on private property. When a group of hunters –including the two men who owned the land –asked Vang to leave, Vang refused. When one of the co-owners of the land –Robert Crotteau –threatened to report him, Vang seemingly agreed to leave. Thinking the matter was over, Crotteau and his friends began to leave the area. It was at this point that Vang fired twenty rounds, shooting four of the eight in the back, while three of those four were hit multiple times. Vang purposefully shot one of the men multiple times after noticing that the first shot in the back hadn’t killed him. By the time it was said and done, six were dead, and two were in critical condition. While Vang said he regretted that it happened, he steadfastly insisted that at least three of the men deserved to die (Associated Press, 2005).
Most third world countries –which is where a majority of our immigrants are coming from after Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration bill –have a whole slew of practices that are illegal here in America. Take aside ‘cultural differences’; sleeping with a nine year old here in America is illegal. Killing homosexuals is illegal. Killing your daughter or sister because she left an abusive husband is illegal. Raping a woman is illegal. Hunting on private property that doesn’t belong to you is illegal.
Barring these practices here in America isn’t ‘racist’. It’s not ‘xenophobic’. It’s not ‘intolerant’. Just because Americans aren’t accepting of child rape doesn’t make them xenophobic. Just because Americans are opposed to women as property doesn’t make them racist. And just because Americans are opposed to seeing puppies clubbed to death doesn’t make them intolerant.
America was once referred to as a ‘melting pot’. Where cultures came together, and blended to create our nation. Immigrants came, and assimilated to American laws, but held their heritage close to their hearts. We created an interesting blend of cultural values, leaving us a greater nation than we were.
But not so with today’s immigrants. Do we truly want to throw child-marriage, bride-kidnapping, honor-killing, anti-homosexuality, disregard for private property, and ritual animal sacrifice into our melting pot? Are these truly cultural practices we want to become accepted parts of American society?
And as to those who say that it’s their culture, how does it affect us, well, the answer is simple: look at Europe.
In an attempt to ‘do the right thing’, German politicians allowed more than a million refugees from Syria and North Africa to enter their country as refugees. Almost immediately, problems started arising: sexual assault, rape, and muggings started increasing dramatically. The situation came to a head on New Year’s in Cologne, when over 500 German women reported being sexually assault, mugged, or raped. According to numerous sources, a band of roughly a thousand immigrants broke off into small groups, and made coordinated, calculated attacks. According to police, the assailants broke into groups of thirty to forty men, who began lobbing firecrackers into the crowd, before encircling small groups of German revelers, where they proceeded to assault, mug, and rape.
And the situation is more dire in Sweden, which has earned a new moniker: ‘The Rape Capital of The West’. Since declaring open borders in 1975, the Swedish violent crime rate has gone up by 300%; rape is up an astonishing 1,472%. According to one study, from 2000-2010, immigrants, or second-generation immigrants were 19.5 times more likely to rape than the rest of the population (Gate Stone Institute, 2015).
The situation quickly hit a boiling point earlier this year. Firstly, a young Swedish woman who volunteered at the refugee center was stabbed to death by a fifteen year old refugee. Then, a report was made to local authorities that a 10 year old refugee had been repeatedly raped at a refugee center. When ten officers arrived to try and collect the boy, they were met by an angry mob, who threatened them until the officers fled the center. Politicians and local authorities have told Swedes to avoid the train stations, where roving bands of young refugees molest, mug, and harass passengers. Reports are pouring in from young girls that they’ve been molested and harassed at public pools. (RT News, 2016).
France has ‘no-go’ zones, where both the French citizenry, and French authorities refuse to go. According to Gate Stone Institute (an international think-tank, and policy making group), these ‘zones’ are Muslim-dominated neighborhoods, where non-Muslims aren’t welcome. Police, firefighters, aid workers, and ambulances dare not enter, for fear of being attacked, or shot by Muslim youths –especially since they’ve been ordered by French government officials not to defend themselves.
These are not isolated incidents. Reports are popping up across Europe, with even the most refugee-friendly leaders admitting that the situation is out of control. They expected the refugees to ‘assimilate’ to the European culture. Clearly, they did not. Nor did they contain the damage to their own people; it’s the Germans, French, and Swedes being raped, assaulted and murdered –although reports of crime in the refugee camps aren’t exactly small numbers either.
And now here in America, officials are asking us to invite refugees here. In-between stories from Germany, Sweden, and France, between new horror stories from the Middle East, and of immigrant crime here in our own country… We’re asked to accept more of these minorities. We’re asked to ‘understand’ their cultural values. We’re told that expecting these minorities to assimilate to our rules, and cultural values is racist; that we should embrace their differences.
Which means embracing having sex with children. Embracing honor-killings. Female genital mutilation. Bride-kidnapping. Animal cruelty. Rape and sexual assault. Killing homosexuals. Jailing young girls for running away from abusive marriages.
These are the cultural values we’re being asked to accept. Not only are these ‘values’ morally repugnant, but they’re criminally illegal here by our laws. Rape, statutory rape, murder (for whatever reason), kidnapping, mutilation, and animal cruelty are all criminal offenses, which can (and should) be punished by a court of law.
No one has an issue with Mexicans celebrating Dio Los Muertos (a traditional Mexican celebration honoring the dead). No one has an issue with the Irish celebrating St. Patrick’s day. No one has an issue with the Jews keeping kosher, or following the Talmud. These are innocent celebrations of their heritage; they affect no one but the people celebrating them. These sorts of cultural norms we can easily accept, and even learn to celebrate ourselves.
But as Americans, how can we accept the rape of nine year old girls? How can we –as a nation that stands for equality –accept the rampant abuse, kidnapping, and murder of women and homosexuals? We’re a nation founded on the principle that everyone is created equal; that we have the right to be protected from all of the above mentioned. It’s what has set Europe and America apart from the rest of the world.
By allowing them to continue their practices here, we won’t raise them up to our level; they will drag us down to theirs.
As the old saying goes, “If you dance with the devil, the devil doesn’t change; he changes you.”


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